About Us

Administrative Board

Administrative Council Chair - Frank Lisk

Administrative Council Secretary - Pat Durrett

Co-Lay Leaders - Warren Evans and Renea Grigsby

SPRC (Pastor Parish) Chairperson - Pat Durrett (BUMC 2018)

SPRC (Pastor Parish) Committee - Warren Evans (BUMC) '18, Mary Kay Beaty (BUMC) '18, Renea Grigsby (BMUC) '19, Diane Chester (Woodlawn UMC) '19, Sonny Cau\ruthers (Woodlawn UMC) '20

Treasurer - Bonnie Hughey

Finance Co-Chairpersons - Diane Wells and Evelyn Perkowski

Finance Secretary - Mary Lu Persinger

Finance Committee - Warren Evans '18, Charlie Bill Persinger '19, Pat Durrett '19, Renea Grigsby '20, Ron Grigsby '20,

Trustee Chair - Ron Grigsby

Trustee Committee - Joanne Evans '18, Frank Lisk'17, Charlie Bill Persinger '19, Helen Calhoun '20

Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominating) - Warren Evans '18, Pat Durrett '19, Renea Grigsby '19, Sterling Miller '20

Worship Committee - Renea Grigsby (chairperson),  Joanne Evans, Rogate Hadley, Pat Durrett, Rick Casteel, Jacob Grigsby

Advocacy, Nurture, Outreach, and Witness - Jacob Grigsby & Ron Grigsby (co-chairs), Megan Pratt, Mary Kay Beaty, Pat Durrett, Renea Grigsby, Bonnie Hughey, Megan Pratt, Elizabeth Britt

Education Committee - Pat Durrett (chairperson), Renea Grigsby, Sara Miller, Jordan Miller

Olser Adult Ministries- Frank and Pat Lisk

Youth Leaders - Joshua and Jessica Grigsby

Social Activities - Renea Grigsby (chairperson), Helen Calhoun, Sarah Miller, Jacob Grigsby, Bonnie Hughey

New Ministries

Reaching Out

Communication - Bonnie Hughey

IT & Media - Bonnie Hughey

Military Families - Warren Evans

Inter-faith - Dr. Poe

Multi-cultural - Alaivailahi Fiefia & Faapio Poe

International Student Ministry - Faapio Poe

Food Distribution - Renea Grigsby & Pat Durrett


Volunteer - Jacob Grigsby

Senior Adults - Frank & Pat Lisk


Prayer - Renea Grigsby

Health Care - Pat & Dawson Durrett

Investment - Ron Grigsby

Landscaping & Flower Garden - Trevor Morris

Music - Rick Casteel

Christian Education - Pat Durrett

Sending Forth

Grant Writing - Eli Poe

Adult Sunday School 10:00 AM
Worhip Service 11:00 AM
Church Wide Bible Study 6:30 PM

Bethel UMC
3180 Fort Campbell Blvd.
Clarksville, TN 37042
(931) 431-5758
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